Man Accidentally Tossed Out Thousands Of Money

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Man Accidentally Tossed Out Thousands Of Money


In this time and age, it is difficult to earn money. Even those who are working hard and have a stable job are still having a hard time finding a stable source of income where they can rely on to. But there’s a man from Oregon that seemingly threw away his fortune after mistakenly thought that it was just his trash.

In an article published by, they reported that an Oregon man has been reunited with his money after he allegedly tossed it away. This whirlwind of events happened when it started one day when the man whose identity was hidden, thrown away $23,000 in cash. Reports say that he kept the money in a shoebox for safekeeping, just near in a recycling bin outside his home. 


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A few hours after he put away his recycling bin, the unidentified man realized what he had done. He immediately ran outside his house in the hope that he could still retrieve the money that apparently, he threw away. Literally. 

Sadly, the bin had already been emptied out and was going to California, according to the report by The Press Democrat. Since it was a huge amount of money at stake, the man was desperate to get the cashback and called Recology, the recycling company that services the man’s place. 


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The recycling facility came back to Oregon together with the trash that they have collected. Meanwhile, the workers had been ordered to keep an eye out for the missing shoebox. After a thorough search, an employee noticed the box, with the money coming out of it. 

Lina Wise, general manager of the Samoa Resource Recovery Center, said in an interview that they were all excited to see the missing box that contains thousands of dollars. Reports say that the money had miraculously managed to be inside the box for the whole journey despite the trash that the truck has collected.