Dead Pigeon Used As Weapon During Street Fight

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Dead Pigeon Used As Weapon During Street Fight


Street fights can be terrifying since it could be gruesome if not prevented immediately. There can be a lot of bystanders to be hurt and it is obviously can make trouble to the quarreling parties. However, this street fight reported by UNILAD UK, a company provides "social news" and entertainment, was a very weird one. The reason? Their weapon of choice. 

According to the report, footage obtained from an incident showed two men going at it outside a Liverpool McDonald’s while Mambo Number 5 by Lou Bega serves as their background music. The footage might be a perfect meme material for the internet users to enjoy, it gets better if you notice that the other guy is holding a pigeon as his violent projectile.


Photo Credits: UNILAD UK (via Deadline News)

On the other hand, the other guy looks like he’s a character from the famous video game, Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately, the guy doesn’t have the reach of those infamous and deadly fighters. This video of the Mortal Kombat-ish encounter became viral and distracted a lot of users online from whatever they are doing in front of their computers. 


Photo Credits: UNILAD UK (via Deadline News)


The reason as to why the guy picked a dead pigeon found on the pavement is still unknown, but many speculated that it was a desperate move. Although it’s not the most dignified fighting technique, it is surely a clever way to distract one’s opponent. 

But the question is, what if it is a dead rat lying on the ground? Will the guy still picked it up and would have it ended the same way? Are there any problems with using a dead innocent animal as a violent projectile? Fortunately, these questions were answered by doorman Kwasie as he explained, “The video comes across as quite funny, but it could take a turn for the worse. Luckily it never, if it did though we definitely would be stepped in.”




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