Professor Carries Student's Baby so Mother Could Focus on 3-Hour Lecture

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Professor Carries Student's Baby so Mother Could Focus on 3-Hour Lecture


A Georgia college professor went viral after a photo was taken of her holding one of her students' baby while teaching a three-hour anatomy class.

Georgia Gwinnett College assistant professor Ramata Sissoko Cissé said one of her students informed her that she would be bringing her child to class as her babysitter called in sick and she couldn't find a new one. Being a mother herself, Cissé told her student that it was okay.

However, the student had a hard time focusing on taking notes as her son kept on moving. This led Cissé to come up to her student and take the baby so the mother could write properly.

The professor used a white lab coat as an improvised baby carrier and tied the baby to her back as she went about her lecture and wrote on the board.


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The child instantly fell asleep, CNN reports, and Cissé even incorporated the baby into the lesson as she explained the concepts related to the nervous system, brain function, and metabolism.

One of her students asked why the child was able to sleep quietly in spite of the ongoing lecture. It's because he was cozy and warm with Cissé's body temperature next to him, the professor explained.

Cissé added that warming up the milk before feeding it to the child will help aid the baby's metabolism.

The mother later e-mailed her anatomy and physiology professor to thank her, to which Cissé wrote back, "You're welcome, I'll always be there for you." She received a reply, saying "I know"—two words that the professor took to heart.

Cissé's daughter posted the photo of her carrying the baby on her back on Twitter saying her mother is her "role model" and that she is "so blessed to be raised by a woman who loves the world as much as her own children."



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"Love and compassion are part of the philosophy of my classroom," she said, adding that teaching science is merely a part of her mission to prepare her students for life after graduating.




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