Husband Lets Wife Become Infested with Flies and Maggots

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Husband Lets Wife Become Infested with Flies and Maggots


On September 12, 2017, Valerie Wallach, the 61-year-old wife of Richard Wallach, died. But her death was not an ordinary one as she was earlier discovered alive by firefighters and paramedics being in “the worst condition of a living human they had ever seen.”


Photo Credit: Daily Mail


The Daily Mail, a British daily middle-market newspaper published in London in a tabloid format, reported that Valerie was found infested with flies and maggots at their home in Toxteth, Liverpool. She was “confined to sit in an armchair substantially soiled with urine and feces” and had painful skin ulcers. According to reports, the woman’s legs were severely ulcerated and she was “overwhelmingly septic.” The paramedics also noticed the foul smell and build-up of rubbish inside their house. They even decided to wear protective clothing before entering.


Photo Credit: Daily Mail


In an interview, prosecutor Richard Pratt said, “When eventually they were able to gain access, the conditions were truly appalling—there was a large quantity of bags of rubbish with rotting and moldy food, such that they had to wade through the bags to reach Valerie who was seated in an armchair in a bay window with the floor around her being completely covered in rubbish.”

On August 24, 2017, Valerie was rushed to the hospital only to survive for 19 days. The medical professionals, who found that she can barely communicate, were shocked by her condition. They decided that her care was to be palliative to make her comfortable before her death, considering her grave condition.


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Pratt added that Valerie was found with flies over her, appeared overweight, and her teeth were blackened. They also found that her legs were swollen and covered in a thick brown slime when they removed the bags that covered them. According to him, Richard didn’t do anything to help his wife or even arrange help for her. “His conduct observed by medical professionals and others at the time of her discovery and subsequent treatment reveals a man who only cared about himself and displayed a wholesale indifference and lack of care toward his wife,” he said.

Last week, Valerie’s husband appeared before the Liverpool Crown Court after being accused of manslaughter by gross negligence.




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