Man Ends Up Paralyzed After Attempting to Kill His Wife

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Man Ends Up Paralyzed After Attempting to Kill His Wife


The wife and stepdaughter of Henry Frank Herbig, a 65-year-old retired Navy captain, were attacked at their home in Virginia Beach on September 8. He is the suspect.

Herbig attacked his 31-year-old stepdaughter, hitting her on the head. He then entered the house and hit his wife in the face, and she ended up with broken bones. Before he could carry out his whole plan, Herbig was shot by his stepdaughter, severing his spine and leaving him paralyzed. Now, the retired navy is facing charges of aggravated malicious wounding and breaking and entering with the intent to commit a felony.


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The police found out that the incident had been planned for weeks. Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group, reported that they found a manifesto in Herbig’s car which outlined his whole, intricately thought-out plan. According to the plan, he wanted to carry out the attack to make it look like a home invasion robbery. Aside from that, the police also discovered several weapons in his car. This included zip ties, duct tape, garbage bags, a gun, and a large wrench, and a wooden baton. 


Photo Credit: Unilad


Herbig’s whole plan was calculated. He left home for a trip, left his phone at home so he wouldn’t be picked up by GPS, took plenty of cash so there wouldn’t be any record of credit card usage, and packed gas cans so he wouldn’t be caught on camera filling up his car. 


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In court, Herbig’s defense attorney argued that he should be released on bond considering his condition after the incident. For instance, he will never be able to walk again or even make a fist. The jail staff will be unable to provide sufficient care for him. However, the judge decided to deny this request. According to the prosecutors, Herbig was ‘dangerous’, is wealthy, and should still be considered a flight risk.




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