Starbucks Barista Writes "Hippo" on Customer's Cup (and that's Not Her Name)

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Starbucks Barista Writes "Hippo" on Customer's Cup (and that's Not Her Name)

Having your name misspelled or mispronounced in a coffee shop is a common experience of people. There are instances when it is a real mystery how the barista could have misheard the name even though it is a very common one. 

In an article published by UNILAD UK, a company that provides "social news" and entertainment, they reported that a Starbucks customer recently shared her weird experience in the coffee shop. The woman said that she was left shocked when she noticed that the barista who served her order had written the word “hippo” on her cup. 

Nadia Khan, 25, expected her name to be written on her Cookies and Cream Frappuccino cup, or at least a misspelled version of her name. But to her dismay, it was an insulting term that she saw. Frappuccino that was handed to her. When Nadia complained, the admin in the popular coffee store branch in Feltham, London said that the barista only made a mistake and dismissed Khan’s complaint. 


Photo Credits: Nadia Khan/ Twitter (via UNILAD UK)


The admin believed that it was just a case of bad handwriting, but it was too obvious that “hippo” looked nothing like “Nadia.” 

When Nadia showed the cup to her mom, Andria, she immediately went to the store and confronted the barista in question. Nadia also posted a complaint on Twitter and she tagged the famous coffee company. 

After numerous comments from Twitter users, a spokesperson for the company said in an interview, “This incident is not indicative of a welcoming environment we aim to provide in our stores, and have apologized to the customer directly. We are working closely with the store team to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”



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