Woman Steals Anti-Aging Products from a Botox Clinic

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Woman Steals Anti-Aging Products from a Botox Clinic


There are some people who, even up to now, believe that somewhere out there a fountain of youth exists and is just waiting to be discovered. Indeed, given a chance, it’s safe to assume that every one of us will do anything to keep our youth and vigor. A Texan woman seemed to do just that not by looking for the fountain of youth to solve her aging concerns but by breaking into a Botox clinic. 

In an article published by UNILAD UK, a company that provides "social news" and entertainment, it was reported that the police in Texas are now searching for a woman who was caught on a surveillance camera breaking into the Botox RN MD Spa in Sugar Land, Houston and stealing anti-aging products. 


Photo Credit: Sugar Land Police Department (via Unilad)


The crime happened at around 8:25 p.m. Through the surveillance camera footage, the woman could be seen approaching the front door of the building and unsuccessfully pulling the door open. She left and then came back in a light-colored Mercedes SUV that she parked haphazardly in front of the building. She then got out with what appeared to be a portable and battery-powered saw. 


Photo Credits: Sugar Land Police Department (via UNILAD UK)


Unfortunately, the video had no timestamp so the authorities are not sure whether the woman already had the power saw in her car or she got it first from somewhere else. Her car didn’t have a front license plate, which has made it difficult for the authorities to track the culprit down. 

After the woman successfully broke into the salon, she emerged minutes later with a bag full of items that include anti-aging products. The business owner is offering a $5,000 reward for the woman’s arrest.