Couple Ditches 'Netflix and Chill' for Workouts, Loses 220lbs in a Year

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Couple Ditches 'Netflix and Chill' for Workouts, Loses 220lbs in a Year


Jasmine Parent and fiancé Jeremy Crawley wanted to set a better example for their children. So they decided to ditch their Netflix binging sessions and spend the time working out at home. The couple successfully lost a combined weight of 220lbs a year after making the swap and also adopting healthier eating habits.

Parent and Crawley admitted that their eating habits were "horrendous," opting to spend on takeaways and junk food instead of preparing food at home. Not only did this affect their bodies, but their eating habits also affected their mental well-being, according to UNILAD.

"I just really hated what I saw in the mirror," Parent said, speaking about her weight. Her diet became unbalanced after her father's death in 2013, after which Parent started to gain weight and "emotionally eating."

It also took a toll on her being a mother to her daughters; the mom "couldn’t be the mother she wanted to be" as she felt crippled by her anxiety on some days.


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Seeing a picture of her alongside her best friends is what made the 30-year-old mom and her fiancé realize she needed to change not only her lifestyle but also her family's way of living, with Crawley saying "finally, we found that drive to do something about it."

UNILAD said the couple began their lifestyle transformation by following a 21-day meal plan, in which they cut down on their salt and sugar intake as well as did home workouts.

"My attitude towards everything did a complete 360," Crawley said, explaining how his energy levels and overall health improved following the diet change. "[I was] just a better father, partner and just happier with myself."


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Parent documented their weight loss journey on social media. After a year, her fiancé lost nearly a third of his body weight down to 98lbs while the 30-year-old mom lost a stunning 125lbs.

Parent decided to undergo surgery to remove the excess skin on her stomach. Having loose skin is common when one loses weight.




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