Man Has His First Haircut After 15 Years

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Man Has His First Haircut After 15 Years


There are a lot of people who have a connection to their hair. Some feel hurt when other people touch their hair. There are also some people who refuse to cut their precious hair due to personal reasons. However, when duty called, a 23-year-old man decided that he had to be separated with his luscious locks. a website that provides news about celebrities and human-interest stories, reported in their online article that Reynaldo Arroyo looked like a new man after he cut his hair for the first time in 15 years. Reports say that he cut his hair short as part of his preparations to serve his country as an infantryman.




The young man will be stationed in the Missoula U.S. Army Recruiting Station, and he announced the change on Facebook. On the Salt Lake City Army Recruiting Battalion Facebook page, they mentioned that he plans to donate his beloved locks. “I moved out here to California and I’m just really excited to be enlisting in the Army,” Arroyo said in the video.

He also hopes that a lucky little girl will get his hair. The video showed a sped-up clip of a young salon employee using a pair of scissors and a buzzer to cut off his long hair. Aside from that, the Facebook post also confirmed that the hair will go to a charity called “Locks of Love”, a nonprofit charity that accepts hair donations. 


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The charity helps children who are experiencing hair loss due to extreme cancer treatment or alopecia. Having short hair is said to be part of a policy that soldiers should follow. People say that men’s hair must be “neatly groomed” and their “sideburns neatly trimmed,” so that their hair will not be an obstruction for their headgear, protective masks, and other equipment.




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