Everyday Objects that NASA Invented

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Everyday Objects that NASA Invented


NASA is famous for its literally out-of-this-world endeavors, as well as inventions that have made it possible for humanity to understand the celestial bodies more. What most of us probably don’t realize is that the American space organization has also made an impact on its homeworld by inventing different objects that are truly revolutionary that people now use in their everyday lives. 

Go Banking Rates, a website that makes finding competitive interest rates easier for the average consumer, clarified that NASA did not invent Tang or velcro. Instead, they came up with the following equally amazing products.


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Memory Foam Mattress

After a long day of working, there is nothing more relaxing than lying down on your bed and being surrounded by your warm blanket and fluffy pillows. But having a memory foam mattress will probably make the sleeping experience perfect. 

The material is also known as temper foam, which was originally created by NASA as padding to improve crash protection for airline passengers. Today, memory foams are present in almost everything from mattresses to pillows and even horseback saddles. It is also a piece of popular equipment in NASCAR to make sure that their race cars will be a lot safer. 


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Scratch-resistant lenses

It is really very uncomfortable wearing eyeglasses with a lot of scratches on their lenses. Fortunately, there are now scratch-resistant lenses that can weather most normal circumstances. NASA came up with the product after they worked on diamond-hard coatings for aerospace systems.


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Enriched baby formula

Even though most if not all nutritionists will say that breast milk will always be better for infants than formula milk, the latter is still a popular choice for a lot of parents. The nutritional formula found in baby milk is originally is a result of NASA-sponsored research. Scientists tested how algae can serve as a useful agent for recycling food for long-duration space travel, according to the NASA Technology Transfer Program. Their research led them to discover a natural source for an omega-3 fatty acid while they are completing their life support objectives for the Mars mission. 


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Keeping your house clean is not an easy task especially if you’re living with a lot of people. NASA came up with the perfect appliance that will help a person in keeping their house spotless. The agency teamed up with Black & Decker to produce a portable and self-contained drill that will extract samples from celestial bodies. It featured a computer program that optimized the drill’s motor and reduced power consumption. The project later became the reason why Dustbuster, the original cordless mini-vacuum cleaner, was invented. 


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Camera phones

Smartphones today are so much popular thanks in part to their cameras. This amazing feature happened because of the scientists from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They actually invented the camera now being used by smartphones that fits on a spacecraft without losing the quality of the images.


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Nike Air Sneakers

These amazing shoes are not just for fashion or street cred. The technology used in making the Nike Air Sneakers was developed in creating spacesuits. Several Nike shoe models are inspired by NASA. 

One of these is the Air Max Lunar 90 SP USA, which, according to Engadget, a website that creates tech articles, boasts of designs that mirror the Moon’s surface.


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High-power solar cells

The world is now on a continuous search for renewable energy. Of course, NASA has already come up with one, the solar-powered cells. These high-power solar cells are from the bright minds of the researchers from the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology Alliance and Sunpower Corporation.




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