Irish Fisherman Catches Giant Tuna Worth €3 Million

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Irish Fisherman Catches Giant Tuna Worth €3 Million


Dave Edwards, an Irish fisherman, should've become a millionaire after catching a massive 600lb bluefin tuna fish, a prized delicacy in Japan where individual fish can sell for tens of thousands of dollars, off the coast of Ireland. But, he chose not to.


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Along with other fishermen, Darren O’Sullivan and Henk Veldman, Edwards caught the largest specimen caught in Irish waters this year near Courtmacsherry, which is around an hour's drive away from Cork. The Daily Mail, a British daily middle-market newspaper published in London in a tabloid format, reported that the rare catch could be worth up to more than two and a half million pounds (€3million) in Japan. The fish, which is one of the most powerful marine species in the Atlantic Ocean, is exactly eight and a half feet long.


Photo Credit: via The Irish Post


After posing for a photo with the fish, the fishermen had to tag their hefty catch and put it back as part of a conservation project. It was part of an ongoing catch and release program aimed at establishing population numbers for the fish in the northeast Atlantic. The crew, who was on board the Silver Dawn boat operated by West Cork Charters, had to tag and release it while it was still in the water because of its size. This will help record data about the species.


Photo Credit: via The Irish Post


According to the Irish Post, the voice of the global Irish diaspora that offers exclusive news and features, Dave stated that their massive catch is much more common in Donegal Bay where they follow the herring. "They are more unusual down here but tend to be much bigger when they do show up. This is the first one caught south of Donegal Bay this year and it really was a big fish,” he said. 




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