Digital Detox: This Woman Wants to Make Her Farm an Internet-Free Tourist Hotspot

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Digital Detox: This Woman Wants to Make Her Farm an Internet-Free Tourist Hotspot


Owner of Creeside Farm near Galloway Forest Park Sarah Redman wants her land to be internet-free and wants to attempt to block the introduction of 3G, 4G, and 5G networks in the area, writes Elisa Menendez of the U.K.’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. Visitors who stay at the farm’s Shepherd’s Hut can enjoy themselves without their phones, as well as have a digital detox. 

The area surrounding the farm is the first “off-grid” map of the UK, which features locations for people who want to disconnect from emails and social media. However, Redman states that the farm will not prevent visitors from making emergency calls or impede connectivity improvement in the said location. She adds, “Improving connectivity around the country is vital to all of our daily lives, but as important steps are made towards improving this in rural areas, it’s interesting to consider the impact it might have on some of our much-loved off-grid spots.”


Photo Credit: PA (via Metro)


According to Redman, everyone who stays at the Shepherd’s Hut wants to “get away from their phones," so its absence of WiFi or a reliable signal is a “big selling point.” Recently, South Ayrshire Council published a document on planning policy for the area and Redman responded by requesting to “create or protect a black spot on the land.” She emphasized that she is not “holding up improvements in connectivity” all over the region, as there are communities that have poor signal. 

“What we are proposing would look to develop a level of protection around the land owned by the farm, which would therefore stop masts being allowed to be put up within a certain proximity,” Redman asserts. 


Photo Credit: PA (via Metro)

Redman collaborated with Shackleton Whisky, which found that over 56% of 1,000 UK mobile users “found it impossible to switch off from technology.” Developed by Shackleton Whiskey, the off-grid map highlights the remotest places in Scotland, Lake District, and headland hikes in Cornwall, as stated by Menendez. Map locations were chosen, as these have no or poor 3G, 4G, or 5G signal within the area.




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