Seven Mind-Boggling Mandela Effects You Didn’t Know

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Seven Mind-Boggling Mandela Effects You Didn’t Know


Star Wars’ beloved droid C-3PO not being totally gold (discounting his appearance in Episodes I and II), or the Jiffy peanut butter not even being Jiffy in the first place, and a movie featuring Shaquille O’Neal that obviously said “Kazaam” and not “Shazam”—all of these have one thing in common: they exist under the sphere of the Mandela Effect. 

What is a Mandela Effect? It is the term used for false memories that people have of certain things that they believed happened but actually did not. According to the website Good Housekeeping, a consumer-oriented recipes, product review, and product testing website also offering informative articles, the phenomenon was so named the Mandela Effect because, despite the fact that Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid revolutionary and philanthropist, who served as the president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, died in 2013, many people still claim he died around the 80s, in prison. Other than his death, there are a lot of other curious Mandela Effects we encounter and don’t realize. Read on and find out.


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The Berenstain Bears

People know the name and they know the story of the beloved group of bears that have been “imparting life lessons for children” since 1962, as reported by Mental Floss, an online magazine that presents facts, puzzles, and trivia with a humorous tone. But instead of the correct spelling of the family name “Berenstain,” many people seem to distinctly remember it being “Berenstein” instead? 

Mental Floss stated that there’s a plausible reason why this happens. Gene Brewer, an associate professor in cognitive psychology at Arizona State University, said that this could be an effect of misspelled words that stick to the minds of children and don’t get corrected when “handwritten references” are passed from “other kids or adults.” 


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C-3PO Is Not Completely Bedecked in Gold

The running joke in the fandom is that C-3PO is an annoying droid that’s ascended to the endearment of fans exactly because of it. Not to mention the gold of the droid’s exterior is also recognizable. But what people remember as C-3PO’s golden chassis is not really gold. In fact, a portion of his leg was silver the very first time he was seen on screen. 


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Fruit of the Loom

It’s probably one of the most iconic logos in the world. After all, who could forget that beautiful basket overflowing with fruits? It seems like they have to eventually, because the Fruit of the Loom logo doesn’t have a basket overflowing with fruits. Instead, this popular brand of underwear has always had a logo of just…a pile of fruits. To this, Brewer says this is most likely a reconstructive effort by the brain. 

“They remember fruit was involved, and then begin to think, ‘Well, how is fruit usually portrayed? Okay, maybe a cornucopia.’ That’s reconstruction.” Brewer explained. 


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Jiffy Is Not a Brand of Peanut Butter

It is, though, a legitimate unit of measurement. Still, why do people claim that they have seen the label and know for a fact—albeit questionably so—that it’s “Jiffy” on the label? This is by far the most famous Mandela Effect there is, and people would be hard-pressed to find that they have been proven wrong. Good Housekeeping suggested that perhaps some customers have, over time, conflated Jif with its competitor, Skippy. 


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Looney Tunes

Of course, who could forget the Looney Tunes? They were practically a big part of our childhood. The same cannot be said of the actual title of the show, though, with most people insisting it’s “Looney Toons” and not “Looney Tunes,” which to this day, is its actual name. In a corresponding article by the website Mandela Effect, which documents memories that didn’t match our current reality and its history, the “Toons” addition might have also been an effect of the game Tiny Toons, a version of the cartoon for younger audiences. 


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Uncle Pennybags Does Not Have A Monocle

Perhaps it’s family night and you want to play a game of Monopoly, a true board game classic. Say “Hi” to Uncle Pennybags, the mustachioed mascot, who, despite what everyone thinks, doesn’t have a monocle. This common misconception is also believed to be similar to what happened to Jif and Skippy, in which people mixed up Uncle Pennybags’ appearance with that of Mr. Peanut. 


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Skechers Without a T

Are your favorite shoes Skechers? Yeah, no “T.” It’s probably due to the fact that people think about the word “sketch” when they so much as hear the brand name mentioned. But do not be fooled. The true name of the brand is Skechers, however weird it might look. 




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