Man Proposes to Girlfriend With a Diamond Ring From a Carrot

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Man Proposes to Girlfriend With a Diamond Ring From a Carrot


Johnny Neville, from Canada, is a forward-thinking man who hoped that the carrot he planted would grow around the ring he planted in June, writes Faima Bakar of the U.K.’s-highest-circulating newspaper Metro. He waited for three months before harvesting it, when his significant other, Deejay, would find the ring in their backyard. 

Johnny nervously moved Deejay away every time she walked near it. He placed the ring in a five-gallon bucket filled with soil, pushing a pencil “down the ring” and planting the seed and loose soil through the soil. Johnny hoped the carrot would grow right straight into the ring. Of course, it did. One evening, Deejay pulled out the carrot as she was preparing dinner. She saw the ring and said yes. 


Photo Credit: Danielle Deejay Squires Facebook (via MSN)

Deejay narrates, “I started to wriggle it out, and as I was pulling the carrot out John had said, ‘I love you very much,” as quoted by Canadian radio channel St. John’s Morning Show. “And as I pulled it out, had it in my hand, he was on one knee in front of me and asked me to marry him,” she adds.” Deejay was shocked to see the ring on the carrot and luckily, Johnny was there “to complete the proposal.” 

According to Deejay, her fiance wondered if the carrot would “bust the ring” or “grow in the ring.” The couple did not know until she pulled it out. Deejay shared the proposal on a gardening group on Facebook, where enthusiasts commended Johnny’s boldness. Deejay appreciated Johnny’s effort. The bride-to-be explains, “He’s been thinking about it for a while. He has had the ring for quite some time.”


Photo Credit: Danielle Deejay Squires Facebook (via MSN)


As stated by Deejay, wanted “something unique and imaginative” and he already has a few ideas floating in his mind. Deejay states, “He just wanted the perfect idea to come along, and I guess it was worth the wait.”




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