7 Hacks to Make Dorm Life Easier

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7 Hacks to Make Dorm Life Easier


For many of us, going away to college is the time when we will finally taste independence. But the newfound freedom can be challenging, especially if you’ll be living alone in a dorm. Here then are seven hacks that will help you organize your dorm room to make your college life easier.


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Bring extra lights

College dorms are often bare except for the essential pieces of furniture. This means that the light sources in rooms only come from a fluorescent lamp. It’s best to bring with you a table lamp to customize your new living space and make studying easier.


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Use baskets and bins

Basket and bins become your best friends in college. A busy student doesn’t have the time to clean up their room, leaving clutter strewn all over the place. According to vocal.media, a social publishing platform, using baskets and bins can help in de-cluttering your space and improve the quality of dorm life.


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Create more space

Dorm rooms aren’t the most spacious places to live in so fitting all your things there can be a real challenge. To create more space, lift your bed higher to have more room for storage below. The stuff in your basket or bins can go under that extra space.


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Organize your cables

Cables for your gadgets can get all tangled up if they aren’t organized. For phone chargers, use binder clips to organize them and have them stay within reach. Cords for your laptop charger or computer and other wires can be labeled using bread tabs. Marking the tabs and attaching them to their corresponding cords will make it easier for you to recognize which cord to plug or unplug.


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Divide the room

Everyone wants to have some privacy, and this also applies to people sharing dorm rooms. In case you have a roommate, you can instill this sense of privacy by putting up a long suspension cord between your bed and your roommate’s. Attach a curtain to it, which you can slide to cover your half of the room whenever you or your roommate needs some alone time.


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Keep a few plants around

It may seem like a lot of work to care for plants while you try to navigate through college. But keeping a few plants in your room can make the space livelier and even freshen up the air. Go for a plant that can thrive even in low light and doesn’t need much tending.


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Make a list of microwave recipes

Part of dorm life is not having the luxury of eating your favorite home-cooked meals or even cooking a proper meal. This is why keeping a list of microwave meal recipes is a good idea as it will allow you to come up with a healthier and more satisfying meal than the usual instant ramen.




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