Footwear that Will Always Be In Fashion

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Footwear that Will Always Be In Fashion

Shoes are one of the things that people should really invest in. Being a staple in everyday clothing, the footwear you use should not only be comfortable but also complements your style. An added bonus would be their everlasting wearability, which is usually the reason why some classic shoes cost more than the ones currently in trend.

Check out these shoes that you can wear no matter the season and that look eternally fashionable.


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They may seem vintage, but loafers are among the classic shoes that are still going strong in terms of being always in fashion. Loafers are perfect when paired with the basic jeans-and-white-shirt combination. They even complement shorts and long pants and can also be worn with a nice suit or dress pants and a blazer.


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Ankle boots

Ankle boots can be worn with virtually anything—from pants and shorts to dresses and skirts—making them great for daily use. Some have heels while others don’t, so be sure to pick out the ones you are most comfortable with for an easier walking experience, according to Swedish fashion media brand STYLEBY. It added that a good pair can even “become your best friend.”


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You or someone you know have, at some point, worn a pair of these Converse classics. The Chuck Taylor All Stars was released in 1922 and was the original basketball sneakers. Soldiers even wore them in training during World War II, according to Footwear News, a shoe magazine that brings the latest in shoe industry business, trends, runway and street fashion, as well as key influencers. Even after decades, a pair of Chucks would still look great especially for casual fashion.


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Vans Old Skool

The revolutionary shoes of the 60s, Vans Old Skool became the go-to shoes of skaters and surfers with its iconic canvas with side-stripe logo. Today’s skaters are still shredding with the Old Skool, which has even expanded to mainstream sports trends.


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These shoes have had the same design and colors since they were first produced in 1825. Those are what makes the shoes timeless and why many still love Clarks. Even though they may seem sophisticated, Clarks are extremely versatile that they can be worn to any occasion.


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There are a ton of slip-on shoes in the market today. You can opt for high-fashion brands Céline and Saint Laurent or go with the casual Vans classic slip-ons. These easy-to-wear shoes won’t fail to give you that cool, laid-back style.


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Sandals are the best for summer. They come in various colors and go well with summer dresses and shorts. They help complete the beach look and provide a huge amount of style.




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