Hot Dog Sandwich With Edible Pink Glitter Is Now Available

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Hot Dog Sandwich With Edible Pink Glitter Is Now Available


New York City offers a lot of unique choices of foods, and for the ‘80s and ‘90s kids, there is a hot dog inspired by Lisa Frank’s whimsical glitter design. Don’t worry, the glitter is safe and edible, and this can make your ordinary hot dog meal a very sparkly one., a website that focuses on lifestyle articles, stated that the dish has “a toasted bun, a hot dog from J&E Small Goods, blue mayonnaise made with butterfly pea flower, and gelatin-based edible glitter.” The manufacturer of the infamous glittery hot dog, J&E Small Goods, is an all-natural meats supplier. They mentioned that the colorful and unique hot dog is only available for a limited time and interested buyers can expect it at the food festival Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, New York.


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Jocelyn Guest and Erika M. Nakamura, the co-owners of J&E Small Goods, explained in an interview with Insider how they came up with the idea behind their meal called “The Lisa Frank”. 

The pair mentioned that they thought that Lisa Frank is the perfect “dad joke” since they think that it is friendly and funny at the same time. Aside from the name “Lisa Frank”, they also came up with “The Snoop Dogg” for a Los Angeles-style street dog. 


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They shared that they came up with the idea of using edible glitter after learning about it from their pastry chef friends. Additionally, the pair mentioned that butchers and pastry chefs interact quite closely. In almost every kitchen, butchers and bakers work side by side.

During the interview, they expressed how difficult it was to find a balance between their commitment to quality and the need to have Instagram-friendly menu offerings. This is because having a huge following online could improve one's business.