Lost Painting Worth Over $6M Found in Woman's Kitchen

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Lost Painting Worth Over $6M Found in Woman's Kitchen


You'd think that a lost piece of art would be found in a hidden cave or secret room of a palace, but it turns out it can just be hanging on your kitchen wall.

A 13-century painting was found in a woman's kitchen in Compiegne, near Paris. She thought it was a Greek religious icon, said art specialist Jerome Montcouquil from Cabinet Turquin.

He added that the elderly French owner didn't know where the "Christ Mocked" painting came from. The 25.8 x 20.3-centimeter work is expected to rack up 6 million Euros ($.59 million) at an auction next month, Montcouquil said.

"It didn't take long for us to see that it was an artwork by Italian painter Cimabue," the art specialist told CNN after carrying out tests on the painting following its discovery earlier this summer.

"He's a father of painting," he added, "so we know his work very well."


Photo Credit: Philippe Lopez via CNN


According to Montcouquil, the lost work is part of a 1280 diptych when Cimabue—the pseudonym of Italian artist Cenni di Pepo—painted eight scenes centered on the passion and crucifixion of Christ.

Auctioneers Acteon said in a press release that the painting was identified as a part of the diptych through its style, gold background, and traces of the old frame. The pictorial layer was also in "excellent condition" despite years of accumulating dust, Acteon explained in the release.

"We also used infrared light to be sure the painting was done by the same hand," Montcouquil said, explaining their process of authenticating the work. "You can even see the corrections he made."


Photo Credit: Rudy and Peter Skitterians via Pixabay


The lost painting is set to go under the hammer on October 27 after years of being exposed to a hot plate used for cooking food, according to AFP via CNN.

It will be the first Cimabue painting that will be auctioned at the Acteon auction house in Senlis, north of Paris.




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