High-tech Japanese Toilets Fascinate Rugby Fans

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High-tech Japanese Toilets Fascinate Rugby Fans



They may not have won the crown for the Rugby World Cup, but Japan claims the throne when it comes to toilets.

The Land of the Rising Sun boasts a unique comfort room experience with its high-tech bathroom utilities, which fascinate touring rugby fans whenever they paid a visit to the "washlets."

According to Reuters, the Japanese toilets "offer a wide variety of functions." Some thrones open automatically when people approach them and many others have warm seats that provide comfort during the cold winter.

One issue is the numerous options on the control panels, which many find confusing.


Photo Credit: zasabe via 123RF.com


French fan Alex Weimer's first experience with the high-tech toilets wasn't a great one, he said, telling Reuters about the time he used the washroom two hours after arriving at the Haneda airport in Tokyo.

"There were something like 15 buttons in Japanese and I didn’t know which one to press. there were strange symbols with sprays going into every direction...," Weimer said.

"The flush was on the other side, I frantically pressed all the buttons and it made strange noises."

Impressive as they are, Japan's technologically advanced toilets don't seem to suit everyone's liking.

"A bit too sophisticated for me. I just like the simple one, push the button without all the other experiences," said Brent York, who went to Japan to support the New Zealand All Blacks team.


Photo Credit: Lucien Libert via Reuters

But his friend and fellow All Blacks fan Bernard James seems to have a different opinion, saying the experience was only intimidating the first time and you get used to it the more you use the high-tech washlets.

"Japan leads the way in toilets technology," James said.

The East Asian country highly values hygiene, with how citizens wash their bodies even before entering a bath and take off their shoes when they enter their homes. Washlets are found all over Japan—from public toilets to people's homes—and the industry is huge for the tech-savvy country.




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