5-Year-Old Girl Celebrates Eye Recovery in 'Emotional' Wonder Woman Photo Shoot

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5-Year-Old Girl Celebrates Eye Recovery in 'Emotional' Wonder Woman Photo Shoot


Alliyah Arambul from Pasco, Washington was only three years old when her eye was damaged with an exercise band. She was brought to an eye doctor who found her iris was filled with blood. She was first taken to Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland before being transferred to the Casey Eye Institute. ABCNews, the news division of the American Broadcasting Company, reported that the child was unable to see out of her eye after two weeks. 


Photo Credit: ABC News


Alliyah underwent several surgeries to correct the damage. She also had to wear an eye patch for more than two years to help her brain communicate with her eye. Jessie Arambul, Alliyah’s mother, had honestly believed that her daughter’s condition was not going to be a big deal. “I didn’t expect to spend the next two years of our lives with surgeries and patching,” she said. According to People, an American weekly magazine for celebrity and human-interest stories, Alliyah wears an eye patch for about four hours each day, which Jessie admitted can be hard.


Photo Credit: ABC News


Jessie recalled that some days, Alliyah would beg her not to wear the eye patch. Eventually, her sight began to improve. To celebrate, the mother asked her who she’d like to portray in her victory movies in a photoshoot. Wearing a pink blue and gold Wonder Woman costume, Alliyah removed her eye patch for good. “I got emotional because it’s been a long journey. That was the last time she took off her patch. She had the biggest smile on her face when she was done,” Jessie said.


Photo Credit: ABC News


Jessie posted Alliyah’s picture on Facebook with a caption: “Big announcement! After 2646 hours of patching, 3 surgeries, and too many drops to count, our girl is finally done. Pictures are from yesterday and her literal last time of taking off her patch!”




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