Apple Watch Saves Man After Being Knocked Out

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Apple Watch Saves Man After Being Knocked Out


Thanks to his Apple watch, Bob Burdett was saved after falling off his bike and knocking himself unconscious.

Bob was on his way to meet up with his son, Gabe, to mountain bike in Riverside State Park in Spokane, Washington earlier this month. He suffered a bad fall while biking, causing his bike to flip and lose consciousness after he hit his head, UNILAD reports.

It was a good thing he was wearing his Apple Watch at the time, which notified not only Gabe but also emergency services that it had "detected a hard fall" and even sent Bob's location.


Photo Credit: Gabe Burdett via Facebook


Gabe posted on his Facebook about the incident and spoke about how the "amazing technology" saved his father's life and urged others to take advantage of the watch's "hard fall" feature.

"IF YOU OWN AN APPLE WATCH, set up your HARD FALL detection – it’s not just for when you fall off a roof or a ladder," he said in the Facebook post.

"Had he fallen somewhere on the High Drive trails or another remote area, the location would have clued EMS in on where to find him. Amazing technology and so glad he had it!"



Gabe also gave an update on his dad's condition, saying Bob was "doing great" after his X-Rays and CT scan came back clear.

According to UNILAD, the fall detection feature is available on the Apple Watch Series 4 and succeeding series. The gadget taps the wearer on the wrist and displays an alert when it detects a "hard fall." An alarm will also ring that gives the user a choice to either contact emergency services or dismiss the alert by tapping "I'm OK."


Photo Credit: Gabe Burdett via Facebook


If a minute passes and the watch has yet to detect any movements from the wearer, Apple Inc. said it sets a 30-minute countdown while tapping the user on the wrist. It will also sound an alert that gets louder and louder so that the owner or someone else can hear it.

The watch will automatically contact emergency services if it doesn't detect movement once the countdown has ended. When the call ends, the device will send a message to the emergency contact about the location of the user.




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