Missing Dentures Found In Throat of Man After Undergoing Surgery

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Missing Dentures Found In Throat of Man After Undergoing Surgery


A 72-year-old man’s dentures were found lodged in his throat 8 days after he went to have a minor surgery. According to reports by People.com, a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories, they explained that the man complained about several symptoms after the surgery.

The symptoms included blood in the mouth, and difficulty breathing and swallowing. Based on a case report published in the medical journal BMJ, the unidentified man went to the hospital to have surgery to remove a harmless lump located on his abdominal wall. The medical team apparently left his dentures inside his mouth during the operation. 


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After the surgery, the patient returned to the emergency room and complained of having blood in his mouth. The doctors said that the patient experienced a lower respiratory tract infection, and they sent the patient home with medication. Unfortunately, two days later, he returned to the hospital for the third time but the symptoms worsened as he was left unable to swallow the medicine that he needed to take. 

When the specialist examined his throat, they found “a metallic semicircular object overlaying the vocal cords and completely obstructing their view.” The object seemed like the patient’s own missing dentures that were lodged in his throat during the surgery. Initially, the patient thought that he had simply misplaced his dentures at the hospital during his operation.


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The patient was immediately rushed to surgery and the doctors operated on him to remove his dentures. Even after the said procedure, the man suffered from health complications, but fortunately, he was healed about a month later. 

“There are no set national guidelines on how dentures should be managed during anesthesia,” lead author Harriet A. Cunniffe wrote in the report. She also added that there are many hospitals that allow dentures to be removed before intubation.




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