Wrong Message Sent To The Police Goes Viral

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Wrong Message Sent To The Police Goes Viral


A screenshot by a Missouri police officer went viral after he displayed humor and wit as he received a message from an unknown sender. Apparently, the sender unknowingly texted the police officer about getting high with his friends. 

In an article published by People, a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories, they reported that the Winfield Police Department in Missouri posted the hilarious text exchange on Facebook. The exchange happened between one of their officers and a stranger who believed that he was texting someone who he previously got high with. 

When the police officer received the first message from the stranger, he immediately insisted that the stranger texted the wrong person. The unknown sender still believed that he had the right number, while the officer hilariously decided to prove that he was not the person that they are looking for. 


Photo Credits: WINDFIELD MO POLICE DEPARTMENT (via People.com)


The police officer sent him a selfie while wearing his complete uniform and badge. After this, the unidentified person stopped sending messages back to the officer. The officer decided to poke fun at the person by sending two sarcastic messages. 

“Are you still gonna come pick me up for the game though?” the police officer wrote before adding, “I was really looking forward to going to the game.” Eventually, the unidentified person responded that he was not interested in getting high with a cop. 

The funny text message exchange continues after the officer teased, “I tried to tell you but nnnooo, I don’t know what I’m talking about.” The person shut down the cop and ended the conversation by texting “You can stop," adding a red stop sign emoji.


Photo Credits: Winfield MO Police Department (via Facebook)


The Winfield Police Department received a lot of praise on Facebook. Social media users thought that the banter WAS very funny. They also applauded the police officer for being humorous and quick-witted. 




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