A ‘Pawfficer’ is Fort Smith Police Department’s Newest Recruit

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A ‘Pawfficer’ is Fort Smith Police Department’s Newest Recruit


Cats are known for being one of people’s most favorite pets. They are loving, clingy, and so fun to be with. But cats can also be more than just pets in our homes. They can also work in the police force.


Photo Credit: Unilad


In a Facebook post, the Fort Smith Police Department in Arkansas introduced their very own ‘pawfficer' as the newest addition to their team. According to an article by Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group, the police department decided to adopt a kitten to connect with the residents in their city. They wanted to make the department seem more approachable for people. They also wanted to show a lighter side to them and what it means to be a police officer. 


Photo Credit: Unilad


“He will attend community and special events and generally be an online presence that will allow us to take a more informal approach to subjects that affect our community,” they said. Also, they are hoping that the kitten will inspire the residents to adopt from local animal shelters. Recently, they created a Facebook poll to ask the public to name their newest recruit with an adorable picture of their new blue-eyed kitten. “In the next several days, we will be compiling names for our furry friend. We will be asking for the public to help us pick the purrfect name. Stay tuned for updates,” they said. 


Photo Credit: Fort Smith Police Department on Facebook (via Unilad)


The Facebook post has warmed the hearts of the community. A lot of people have immediately suggested the name of the kitten, such as ‘Pistol’, ‘Captain’, ‘Chief’, ‘Blueblood’, and many more. “That baby is so cute. I have a male, we call him Smokey. I think the name stormy would be good or captain,” one follower commented. “How about honoring a policeman that died in the line of duty?” another wrote. 




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