Normally Illegal Things that Are Perfectly Legal In Some Countries

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Normally Illegal Things that Are Perfectly Legal In Some Countries


Ever found yourself making a bucket list of things you want to do before you reach a certain age or before you die? There might be some of us who have been too law-abiding that we might be wishing to at least experience doing something “illegal” even once in their lifetime. Of course, the thought of breaking the law might be fun and exciting, but the consequences that come with it are quite a bummer.

Fortunately, there are several quirky things that one can do in some countries where they are considered legal. 


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Be a Witch in Romania

You read it right. You can fulfill your dream to be like Sabrina the teenage witch in Romania. Viral IQ, a website that provides viral stories, mentioned in an article that the Romanian government is actually serious in encouraging witchcraft in the country in order to make ends meet for their national budget. They think that if they consider witchcraft as a profession, they could tax it. 


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Marry Man’s Best Friend in India

The Indian subcontinent is home to a huge amount of canine population. It is believed that the government has made marrying a dog legal because of the influences made by Bollywood and the ancient superstitions that are still very popular among the people in the said continent. It is quite obvious that the canine is not aware of what is really happening around it.


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Commit a Crime

The Yellowstone National Park in the US is a haven for people who admire wildlife and natural landscape. However, it also includes a 50-square mile area called the “Death Zone” where anyone can literally commit a crime including murder and get away with it. The Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution decrees that a trial should be conducted within the district and the state where the crime was committed. While that part of Yellowstone is under the court district of Wyoming, it belongs to the state of Idaho. But, there are no inhabitants there who are the only persons eligible to do jury duty. Without a jury, the criminal won’t have a fair trial, therefore they cannot be properly prosecuted.


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Marry Two Men in Nepal

Muslim culture allows men to take more than one wife. But in the remote and mountainous villages of Nepal, there is a community where it’s the other way around. The Nepalese state law says that a woman marrying two men is legal, as the main goal of this practice is to make sure that the communities in the Himalayas will stay united. 


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Drunk Drive in Burkina Faso

Do not drink and drive is what we are taught since the day most of us got behind the steering wheel for the first time. But if you still insist on going full “Fast and Furious” while under the influence of alcohol, you can do so in Burkina Faso where there are no laws that prohibit drunk driving. 

The African country is filled with crocodile-infested puddles, and the country also has a poor road infrastructure. So who cares about how much you drink? The roads are dangerous enough as they are. You might run across a crocodile as you drunk drive and see for yourself if it’s still a good idea. 


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Inject Drugs with the Help of a Government Employee

Canada is the home of a lot of good-mannered citizens. It is also known for its good governance. In fact, the country treats its citizens so well that they even help them inject drugs into their veins. The drug addicts in the country are entitled to free medical supplies while health professionals will advise them the right dosage they could put into their bodies in order to avoid an overdose. 

Drugs are still illegal in Canada, but the government has realized that putting a bunch of drug addicts in jail will not eradicate the problem. 


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Go Naked in Public in Spain

Spanish law encourages its citizens and even tourists to enjoy the warmth of the Sun, and so it allows them to go naked—in nudist beaches, that is. And it has done wonders for the local and international tourism of the country. Of course, it’s still a no-no in the rest of Spain, which has a predominantly conservative Catholic population.