The Queen Can Drive a Car Without Obtaining a License or Taking a Driving Test

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The Queen Can Drive a Car Without Obtaining a License or Taking a Driving Test


Being a monarch has its advantages. For instance, the property portfolio is afforded to the Queen including Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, and Sandringham House, writes Milo Boyd of Reach pic-owned British national newspaper Mirror. Queen Elizabeth II also has a net worth £418 million ($519,824,800). This year, Her Majesty also benefited from £82.2 million ($102,223,509)-sovereign grant thanks to the taxpayer. Aside from cash and high net worth Queen Elizabeth shares with other high-profile individuals, she is the only person in the whole country who is permitted to drive without a license. 

Queen Elizabeth can drive “the roads of Britain” without passing a driving test.” The 93-year-old’s competence in driving has not been questioned thus far. Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron says the Queen “was a dab hand when it came to car control in his new book,” clearly implying she is “free from legal reproach.” Interestingly, Her Majesty is the only individual in Britain who is not required to drive with a number plate. 


Photo Credit: AP Photo John Stillwell, Pool (via HuffPost)

Earlier this year, the Queen’s demeanor behind the wheel was the subject of former British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Shepard Cowper-Coles. In 2003, then King Abdullah was frightened when he sat in the passenger seat while visiting Balmoral. The monarch “was taken aback” considering that women were banned from driving not until 2018. Apparently, the King of Saudi Arabia trembled by the Queen’s “intensity on the roads.” 


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Cowper-Coles wrote in his book Ever the Diplomat: Confessions of a Foreign Office Mandarin, “Abdullah was not used to being driven by a woman, let alone a queen.” Her Majesty, a former war army driver, “accelerated the Land Rover along the narrow Scottish estate roads,” escalating King Abdullah’s nervousness. Through the King’s translator, he instructed the Queen to “slow down and concentrate on the road ahead.”




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