Beagle Becomes Surrogate Mom to Two Kittens

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Beagle Becomes Surrogate Mom to Two Kittens


Loyal, kind, and friendly? These are the common characteristics of a beagle, reports Jessica Lindsay of the U.K.’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. However, this beagle went beyond the call of duty by becoming a surrogate mother to two kittens and breastfeeding them. One-year-old Daisy lives in Staplehurst in Kent, England, with Jane Whitton, her owner. Daisy bonded with the kittens as they were brought home. 


Photo Credit: Simon Jacobs Caters News (via Metro)


36-year-old Jane initially planned to adopt one kitten, but the farmer who owned Fletcher and Dexter could not rehome them. She explains, “The farmer where the kittens come from didn’t want to keep them but wanted to find homes for them with people he knew. We were originally just going to get Dexter who’s ginger.” But then Jane saw a lone black kitten at the back and decided to take him home. Daisy fell in love with the kittens, producing milk and breastfeeding them. 

Jane adds, “We told the kids and Daisy to be gentle with them as they’re so tiny but she’s just instantly taken to protecting them.” If Jane’s other dog runs at the kittens, Daisy will “get them into the middle,” sleeping with her and sniffing to ensure Fletcher and Dexter are okay. For the owner, she found it extraordinary when Daisy produced her own milk and nursed them. Hence, Jane calls her beagle as “the protector” and “surrogate mom” because of the maternal bond Daisy shares with Fletcher and Dexter. 


Photo Credit: Simon Jacobs Caters News (via Metro)


As reported by Linsay, it’s unclear why Daisy lactated when the kittens entered her life. It’s safe for dogs to breastfeed cats. Possibly, Fletcher and Dexter “weren’t ready to be weaned yet.” Thus, Daisy took on the responsibility to be a surrogate mother. Jane thinks, “It’s the beginning of a lifelong friendship.” She hopes that they will remain close and continue to play, sleep, and enjoy each other’s company when the kittens get bigger. 




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