Christmas Savings? Mom Gives Her Kids the "Gift of Time" Instead of Presents

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Christmas Savings? Mom Gives Her Kids the "Gift of Time" Instead of Presents


Christmas is fast approaching and that’s the time when loved ones spend time huddled around the mistletoe or give gifts. However, this family’s approach to gift-giving is different. According to Chris Caulfield of the U.K.’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro, they “turned their backs” on expensive items and instead resorted to giving the “gift of time.” Last Christmas, 34-year-old Hayley Parker surprised eight-year-old Daisy and four-year-old Freddie by “giving a letter explaining her plan.” 

Barney, 40, a nursery nurse and Hayley’s husband, gave their children 12 envelopes containing “a family day out or experience.” Hayley shares, “As I was thinking of what to get the children last year I felt that they already had plenty of toys and couldn’t think of what we should get them. Then, Hayley was inspired to give the gift of time after seeing an Instagram post saying: “Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”


Photo Credit: SWNS (via LadBible)


Hence, Hayley wanted to create memories and give the children something to anticipate each month. She creates a photo montage to see what they have done together as a family. “The beauty of this is that it is actually things we would have done anyway, but it makes more of an event of it and makes up appreciate it,” Hayley explains.

She notes, “I even timed one of our trips for when we were in Cornwall this year. The kids have loved it so much that this year Daisy has asked for it again and that’s a win in my book.”  Hayley sees herself as organized because being organized is the optimal way to save money, she asserts. However, she explains that it could be done by someone less organized by putting their ideas inside the envelope. 


Photo Credit: SWNS (via Metro)


Daisy and Freddy have watched the sunset at Lands End, Cornwall, England, had a games and movie night with pizza, and had an autumn walk instead of a computer game or a bike. Hayley’s kids love the idea and she plans to do it again this December 25.




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