Thouands Gathered Near Area 51 After Facebook Hoax Invite

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Thouands Gathered Near Area 51 After Facebook Hoax Invite


Thousands of people gathered and celebrated their love for aliens at a number of festivals in the Nevada desert after a Facebook hoax invited people to "storm" Area 51.

Most of the events have been festive with just a few thousand attendees and few arrests, officials said. There were also reports of several minor injuries as well as a one treated for dehydration in Rachel after the party.

"It started as a joke and now people are getting to know each other," attendee Tracy Ferguson told CBS News, who came from South Dakota after seeing the invitation on the internet.


Photo Credit: Bridget Bennet via AFP/Getty Images


At 3 a.m. on Friday, nearly 100 people went to the "back gate" of the former top-secret US Air Force base near Rachel. Another group of 40 went up the less popular gate in Tikaboo Valley around the same hour, as per Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said.

Lee added that about 300 went to the Tikaboo gate in the day while another 800 made the 8-mile drive to the Rache gate during daylight.

A woman in her 60s was arrested after announcing to everyone—including the sheriff, her husband, and other attendees—that she will be trespassing the base no matter what.

"It was just something she wanted to do," the sheriff said, who was stationed at the Rachel gate at the time as per CBS News.


Photo Credit: Bridget Bennet via AFP/Getty Images


Two more were arrested by military security officers, who found the trespassers in the mountain within the perimeter of the base somewhere between the two gates, Lee added.

The Tikaboo and Rachel gates were both marked with bright floodlights and watchful cameras. A squat tan bunker facility with blackout windows—with razor wire surroundings—can be seen at the Rachel gate as well.

About 40 people dispersed after "heated warnings" from officers around 3 a.m on Friday, a sheriff near Nye County said. The group was near a base gate close to the eye-catching green "Area 51 Alien Center."




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