Shoe Hacks that Will Keep You on Your Toes

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Shoe Hacks that Will Keep You on Your Toes


Shoes are among a myriad of things that people use every day. They help people go about their errands comfortably, especially if tasks require walking or running for long distances. Being an everyday necessity, shoes need proper care not only to keep their cool look but also to ensure that the wearer is comfortable. Here are seven shoe hacks that your feet will be thankful for.


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Fix creases

Creases on running or basketball shoes bought a couple of months ago are an eyesore. To get rid of them, put a wet cloth on top of the area where the creases are and gently rub a steam iron over it. The creases won't be gone completely, but there will still be a significant difference compared to its previous condition.


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Heel replacement caps for stilettos

Those cute stilettos won't be cute anymore once the metal nail starts showing at the bottom of the heel. It also makes the pumps noisier and more wobbly, not really ideal for a night out. Putting on heel replacement caps will easily eliminate all these problems.


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Get a grip with sandpaper

Getting a new pair of shoes is nice but they can be a pain, sometimes on the bottom, especially if you slip because of them. New shoes usually lack in grip, says Home Hacks, a website that offers neat tips and tricks for use around the home, but there's an easy way to fix that. Applying sandpaper on the soles allows the shoes to get better traction and helps prevent any accidental slipping.


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 Waterproof with candles

One of the worst feelings is getting your feet soaked while still wearing your shoes. A way to prevent this is to waterproof your shoes not with fancy treatments but with a candle. Rub a small candle all over the exterior of your sneakers and use a hairdryer to melt the candle wax. Let it sit and repeat to add another coating for extra measure.


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Prevent blisters

Not only will a deodorant help in eliminating body odor, but it can also prevent blisters. Apply a bit of deodorant, particularly the clear-gel variety, on the inner heel of the shoes. Using a lip balm also has the same effect, and it can be reapplied anytime, especially for women who might already have one in their purse.


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Eliminate squeaky noise

Squeaky shoes are annoying, most especially if you're the one wearing them. To get rid of the irritating noise put a bit of baby powder underneath the inner shoe sole. Home Hacks says this will "allow for better cohesion between both parts of the shoe" resulting in a less squealing pair of shoes.


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Use tea bags to eliminate shoe odor

Tea bags aren't only good for your health, but they are also good for your shoes. When your kicks start to smell, put unused tea bags in them. The tea bags will absorb the foul stench inside the shoes, eliminating the unpleasant scent.



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