Woman Who Had a Motorbike Accident Was Made to Choose Between Her Leg or Her Baby

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Woman Who Had a Motorbike Accident Was Made to Choose Between Her Leg or Her Baby


29-year-old Caitlin Conner was faced with a dilemma of saving herself or her unborn child after she met a horrific motorbike accident on June 12, 2014, reports Faima Bakar of the U.K’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. The Texas woman was surprised that she was four months pregnant while undergoing treatment. Caitlin, who is a marketing executive, was informed that “she’d need extensive surgeries to save her leg.” However, the high-risk procedures would “put her baby at risk.” 

Therefore, Caitlin needed to have “minimal anesthesia during the six reconstructive surgeries” to save her leg, including limited pain medication. It was difficult for the 29-year-old, but she chose to have her leg amputated than “going through any more risks.” The accident occurred while she was enjoying a ride with Jaylon, her boyfriend. 



Photo Credit: MDWfeatures/Caitlin Conner (via Metro)


She sustained broken bones in her left foot and distal tibia. Caitlin even had a severed artery and a “major road rash.” She was airlifted to the hospital, where the staff asked if she was pregnant. Caitlin remembered saying she was not pregnant. Jaylon recovered at a separate hospital he was flown to and Caitlin called him to say she was alive and pregnant with their child. She was determined to walk again during her pregnancy, thereby learning how to do so with a prosthetic. Caitlin discovered her passion for para-sports such as para-cycling, running, and swimming.

She recounts, “It was a nice evening and the weather was kind, so Jaylon and I decided to hop on the motorcycle to go to his parents’ house.” There was a woman who did not see the couple because “she was texting while driving.” “She started coming out into the left lane and we saw her about to hit us. She was trying to gun it to get across and we never stood a chance against whatever was more important on her phone,” Caitlin narrates. 



Photo Credit: Caitlin Conner /caitlin.andherlegnamed.rex (via Instagram and honey.nine.com.au)


The effect of pregnancy on her spine made an impact on her balance, but she managed to learn to walk before her daughter, Tinley, was born on February 13, 2015. Caitlin explains, “I just wanted to be able to run and play with her, or to be able to run and grab her if she ran off. I did as much physiotherapy as I could until I was too heavily pregnant.




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