Student Who Underwent 15 Procedures to Make Her Lips Larger Wants to go Bigger

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Student Who Underwent 15 Procedures to Make Her Lips Larger Wants to go Bigger


Bulgarian student Andrea Emilova Ivanova, 22, has been known to inject hyaluronic acid into her lips, making them bigger— now, she wants more, writes Faima Bakar of the U.K’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. Emilova says that her new look made her feel more content with herself and fulfilled her childhood “dream look.” Ivanova, who is a German Philology student at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski made dozens of appointments with aesthetic clinics who perform “a variety of cosmetic procedures.” She pays around £135 ($168.47) per treatment. However, the German Philology student reveals that she had lost track of how much money she spent “over the years.” 


Photo Credit: Andrea Emilova Ivanova (via LadBible)


Ivanova has an Instagram page containing her selfies, amassing more than 15,000 followers. Unfortunately, she is also subjected to abuse. On the other hand, she also “gets admirers in equal measure” from Australia, Argentina, and the Middle East. Some even proposed to Ivanova. She shares, “I like my lips now, more than before and I feel very good and very happy with them because according to me, with bigger lips I look prettier and in Bulgaria, this is the fashion now.” 


Ivanova acknowledges that there are some people who either like her with bigger or smaller lips. For the influencer, it doesn’t matter “because it’s important for me how I like it,” dismissing other individual’s opinions as irrelevant. “I’m broad-minded and I think people should be free to choose, which one for them is big, bigger or too big. There are no boundaries for me,” Ivanova adds. 


Photo Credit: ISTOCKPHOTO / DIMID_86 (via Brobible)


She advises people to follow their heart and not be influenced by the opinions of others. Ivanova says, “I’m glad that the universe gave me the chance for many people to see me and to know that I exist and I want to tell people: Be happy and do what you like, don’t let others restrict your choice.’




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