One In a Million: Florida Teen Survives After Being Impaled By An Anchor

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One In a Million: Florida Teen Survives After Being Impaled By An Anchor


Rachel DeSantis of celebrity and human interest news platform People has reported that 14-year-old Caleb Bennett of Manatee County was with his friends and brother on the water in March when a boat’s anchor lodged itself three inches deep “into his right frontal lobe.” These were the words of his mother Kelli Bennet, as she spoke with Josh Sidorowicz of Florida-based television station WTSP. 

Caleb’s father, Rick, explains, “The anchor fell off the front. They were driving fast and when the rope pulled tight, it sling-shot up into the boat.” Caleb spent his time on boats throughout his life. Hence, he knew that staying calm was the key to surviving the incident. He says to Ashley Roberts of health care center John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, “As soon as I got my hands on it, I kind of felt what it was, and I realized it was in my head pretty far.” Caleb instructed one of his friends to call 911 or else he would die. 


Photo Credit: Bennett Family (via Fox 13 Salt City Lake)


The 14-year-old was then rushed into emergency surgery at the hospital in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Caleb was placed in a medically induced coma to “give his brain time to heal.” Pediatric neurosurgeon Luis Rodriguez states, “We need to take out a big piece of skull, try to clean up the pieces of bone and whatever else he has in there from the anchor.”  

Kelli and Rick were celebrating their anniversary in the Bahamas and upon hearing the tragic news, they quickly rushed to see their son. The couple was informed that Caleb may “never speak or walk again.” Fortunately, Caleb was back on his feet days later, as a 3D image of the blood vessels in his head showed that the “anchor did not touch any of them.”


Photo Credit: Facebook (via New York Post)

Caleb is more incredulous “than anything else over his injury,” earning him the nickname “Anchorman.” Interestingly, Rodriguez has not seen someone with an injury similar to Caleb’s “walk out of the hospital” neurologically intact. He adds, “That’s one in a million.”




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