Flag Mashups Are Taking Over Twitter and People Are Going Crazy!

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Flag Mashups Are Taking Over Twitter and People Are Going Crazy!

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Sometimes, it can be fun poking fun at things that are not supposed to be poked fun at, as along the way, some people who didn’t get the humor of the joke take offense. Others may get the joke but still find it offensive, whether or not the joke is made out of malicious intent.

There’s a grain of truth to some arguments by offended people, especially if a joke is of poor taste and is meant to cause harm to certain groups, but for the sake of keeping things toxic-free, we’ll be focusing on the other, harmless side of things.

There is a popular bot account that is currently taking Twitter by storm due to how entertaining its content and the feedback it gets from people across the site are. 

“Flags Mashup Bot” is and does exactly what its name implies: a bot account that generates photos of combined flags of different nations.

There’s no politics here but in some cases, people would go up in arms over a flag mashup that is clearly generated by a bot and means no harm. Now see if you enjoy or get offended by the following.


Photo by FlagsMashupBot via Twitter


The United Kingdom + Ireland = United Ireland

This one actually infuriated many Irish people. An average Flags Mashup Bots tweet doesn’t always reach more than 5,000 likes and 200 retweets, but because of how this mashup pissed a lot of people, it went viral. Many of the spiteful replies were either people who were genuinely offended, who had their pride hurt by a bot account while some were just sarcastically riding along with the hate, posting GIFs and memes, exaggerating their distaste over the mashup. Currently, the United Ireland flag has already garnered over 6,400 likes and 260 retweets without even taking into account the replies and the ones who retweeted it with a comment.


Photo by FlagsMashupBot via Twitter


Portugal + Brazil = Portzil

If all the greats of football gathered to form their own nation, this would be the name of their country, mostly because some of the best footballers in the world came from Portugal and Brazil. Take Cristiano Ronaldos for example. He is among the most popular footballers out there that even those who aren’t football fans know who he is. On the other hand, Brazil has the legendary Pelé, who is now retired yet still influential to many aspiring players today.


Photo by FlagsMashupBot via Twitter


United States of America + Islamic Republic of Iran = Islamic States of America

What’s one way to get two opposing nations offended over something that tried to unite the two in the cheapest way possible, thereby making the efforts of their men to serve their respective nations futile? Of course, a flag mashup. Just like the United Ireland flag, this mashup got the attention of many, but then again, it’s not like the admin was trying to hide some shade in a tweet that is solely meant for entertainment, right? However, we’d assume that of the two countries, the Americans would take offense to this mashup more, since the name is implicit of the US’ loss to Iran, and they don’t want that.


Photo by FlagsMashupBot via Twitter


Somalia + Kenya = Somnya

Another flag mashup that somehow happened amidst the friction between the two nations involved. Somalia and Kenya aren’t really on good terms right now as the two countries are at a legal dispute over maritime sovereignty. The conflict has been so tough between the two nations that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) had to step in to hear both sides, so the last thing Somalians and Kenyans would want to see is a flag that tries to mix both countries like water and oil. Luckily, it didn’t gain much vitriol compared to the United Ireland and the Islamic States of America flag. That mashup looks good from an artistic standpoint, though.


Photo by FlagsMashupBot via Twitter


United States of America + Canada = United States of Canada

Both the US and Canada have their own struggles when it comes to public relations, especially between the two of them, but we’re sure that in this case, Canada is the one taking the fall. If there is a list of countries that don’t want to be associated with the US, Canada would probably be the first one you’d see. As for the flag mashup, it’s basically the Canadian flag but with a different hue of red, which could mean that in a universe where this flag exists outside of Twitter, Canada is the dominant nation. Again, we’re not sure if Americans would want that.


Photo by FlagsMashupBot via Twitter


Candian Red Ensign (1868 - 1921) + Soviet Union = Canadian Union

If you’ve wondered what Canada would look like if they suddenly declared a shift to a socialist form of government, then this flag mashup might provide you with a hint. The most likely scenario for this to happen is if the New Democratic Party (NDF), a political party in Canada that theoretically adheres to the principles of socialism, becomes the dominant party and more Canadians turn to the left.


Photo by FlagsMashupBot via Twitter


Soviet Union + Russia = Soviet Russia

Wait, what?!




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