Alice Pang, 96, is Asia’s Oldest Fashion Model

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Alice Pang, 96, is Asia’s Oldest Fashion Model


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is the old adage, but in some cases, beauty begs to be seen and at any age.

This is true for Alice Pang, a 96-year-old model from Hong Kong. In fact, she is making the most out of the time she has left as the world’s known oldest model to date.


Photo Credit: YiTiao on Youtube (via Oddity Central)


For a model who got into the modeling biz later than expected, Pang is someone you would call a late bloomer. She only found her calling at age 93 and is still working her way upwards, but if it was not for her granddaughter who believed in her potential despite her age, Pang would not have considered posing in front of the camera, looking fancy and all.

Before she entered modeling, Pang never considered starting a career out of it, but her granddaughter always tried to convince her that she had what it takes to become one because of how she dressed.

An opportunity came when Pang’s granddaughter stumbled upon an online ad for senior models and she got her grandma registered. Luckily for them,Pang was called for a photoshoot and the rest is history.


Photo Credit: YiTiao on Youtube (via Oddity Central)


“My granddaughter saw they were hiring senior models over 65 years old and she sent my photos and it turned out they liked me,” Ms. Pang said in an interview with YiTiao. “I did not know how to model at first so my manager taught me a lot and those girls help me with my makeup. I gradually developed an interest in modeling and got better at it.”

She added, “I entered the industry when I was 93 and this is my third year working as a model. I’ve shot a few commercials, cosmetics, camera and trade development. It feels great to be admired.”




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