UK Couple Plans to Serve Roadkill to their Wedding Guests in Secret

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UK Couple Plans to Serve Roadkill to their Wedding Guests in Secret


An eco-conscious couple from the UK recently posted a job ad on, a British service marketplace site, looking for chefs who can offer the best set of dishes out of roadkill meat.

The couple is willing to pay £5,000 to whoever can present an entire wedding banquet out of roadkill. Apparently, eating roadkill has been part of the couple’s lifestyle in a conscious attempt to lessen food waste in the environment. Roadkill is not prohibited by UK law, provided that the animal was accidentally killed and the meat was not sold.


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The couple said that the guests aren’t supposed to notice what type of meat they are eating at the reception.

The couple has already sourced 20kg of roadkill, including deer, squirrel, pheasant, partridge, and rabbit. How the meat would go unnoticed by the guests depends on how the chef would cook it and hide the fact that they are being served roadkill cuisine. That explains the price the couple offers.


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“We know that this isn’t something the ‘average’ chef would be happy in helping us with, but are hoping that someone with the right skills and our same passion for the environment can step forward and help us out,” the couple stated in the ad. 

“The environment is so important to us, and will continue to be as we settle down and start our family,” they added. “Although money isn’t too much of an issue, weddings are resource heavy and result in so much waste that we don’t want to have any part in that.”


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UK laws aside, it is still dangerous to make people eat roadkill due to the apparent health concerns, and considering that people at the banquet wouldn’t know what they are eating exactly, the practice of forcefully feeding guests roadkill meat raises ethical concerns.



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