32-Year-Old Man Bound for US Pretends to Be 81 at Indian Airport

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32-Year-Old Man Bound for US Pretends to Be 81 at Indian Airport



You have to give Jayesh Patel some credit for being able to pass through security at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India posing as someone older. He nevertheless got caught before boarding the plane.

His disguise worked to some degree, and whether or not it’s due to his inconspicuous appearance or the airport’s weak security measures, it still became an embarrassment to the authorities.


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The 32-year-old Patel disguised himself as an 81-year-old man, as manifested in his visa, to board a United States-bound plane. In order to get past airport security, he wore a white tunic, turban, thick frame glasses, and pants that older men tend to wear. He also rode a wheelchair to give himself a much more convincing appearance.

Although he had a real white beard, Patel had a face that wasn’t as wrinkled as a typical 81-year-old’s and his voice betrayed someone who was much younger. Officials from India’s Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) took notice of that, halting the suspected impostor to confirm his identity. 

Upon inspection, airport authorities and the CISF requested Patel to stand up, which the “old man” refused to do because he said he could not do so without assistance. Still, the authorities insisted and with no choice, Patel had to stand up. That’s when they knew he was not what his fake passport claimed him to be, as they noticed his smooth skin and the black parts of the beard near the roots.


Photo Credit by Abymac via Wikimedia Commons


“A man named Jayesh Patel reached Terminal 3 of IGI airport on Sunday on a wheelchair posing as an elderly man. He even tricked the initial security check and got his immigration cleared,” a CISF spokesperson said in a statement.

“CISF was suspicious about him as his voice didn’t match his age. Despite grey hair, his skin seemed to be quite young as there were hardly any wrinkles on his face. His beard was grown and hair was dyed grey. He was made to wear a pair of thick glasses and a turban. He was also instructed to walk like an elderly person,” officer Sanjay Bhatia told reporters.  “We’ve never seen a similar case at the Delhi airport before.”

Patel’s seat to the US was withheld and authorities are currently investigating the matter.



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