Woman So Broke, She Was Willing to Work for £5

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Woman So Broke, She Was Willing to Work for £5


22-year-old Nadine Pinnock was forced to quit university due to anxiety, leaving her “totally broke,” according to Chloe Clarke and Emma Munbondh of The Mirror, a British daily national paper. Since dropping out of her journalism degree at Cardiff University, Pinnock had sold her car and her “most treasured possessions” to cover her rent, which costs £350 ($440) a month. Despite doing everything she could to earn money, she was still struggling. 

Hence, Pinnock decided to write a desperate tweet that she was looking for jobs. She said,  “Long shot: does anyone need any small tasks doing for around £5? Video editing, photography, copywriting, I'm pretty sick at revamping CVs, if you're in Cardiff I can wash your car, weed your garden, walk your dog, water your plants, etc. I'm poor and I need to make rent.” £5 ($6) is below the minimum wage of £7.70 ($10) per hour. 


22-year-old Nadine Pinnock / Photo by: Wales Online WS via The Mirror


Pinnock’s post was retweeted more than 3,000 times and garnered 5,000 plus likes. She even received several job offers, as well as PayPal donation requests. “I’ve been applying exclusively for full time, minimum wage jobs, but now I will hopefully be able to work part-time and spend my free hours creating,” she explains. 

Pinnock narrates that her university life was clouded by her mental illness. However, her third year of higher education was the worst, as she took “a lot of extra-curricular activities.” She attempted to hide her symptoms, but it backfired as her mental health deteriorated. Pinnock recalls, “I couldn't face lectures, seminars or any assignments and my grades began to drop drastically." Her mental health made her feel “defeated.” 


Pay day / Photo by: Getty Images and iStockphoto via The Mirror


Pinnock realized she needed to change something. She emailed her tutor and the latter recommended that she take a break and prioritize her health. Pinnock applied for jobs to cover her rent, but her depression and anxiety were evident in interviews. 

Although she felt embarrassed and pathetic for writing that tweet, Pinnock was overwhelmed with the kindness and support she received from strangers. She landed a job at a vegan coffee shop and a “couple of freelance jobs.” Pinnock’s life changed for the better, and she expresses her gratitude for the people who donated money, offered her a job, or sent her a message telling her that things will get better.  


Pinnok with her benefactor / Photo by: Wales Online WS via The Mirror




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