Off-Duty Pilot Fills In for Missing Captain and Flies Plane to His Own Vacation

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Off-Duty Pilot Fills In for Missing Captain and Flies Plane to His Own Vacation


Off-duty EasyJet pilot Michael Bradley filled in for a missing captain on his flight and ended up flying a plane to Alicante, Spain, reported Helen Murphy of celebrity and human interest news platform People. Bradley was headed from Manchester, England to Alicante with his wife and son when their flight was delayed. Michelle Potts, who was also on the plane, shared a video on Facebook showing Bradley explaining to the other passengers that their flight would be delayed by two hours. The delay occurred because “one of the pilots was missing.” Bradley contacted the airline and told them he was “available to fill in.” He recounted, “Just before we went through security, I thought, ‘I wonder if this is worth a phone call. I think it is!’”


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He told EasyJet he had his license with him after calling up the airline at the airport. “I’d very much like to go on holiday. And if you need a favor, I’m standing here ready to go,” Bradley suggested. The airline called him back 38 seconds later, and, as Bradley revealed, told him, “Please, please, pretty please — with a big cherry on top, can you fly the airplane to Alicante?”

Bradley informed the passengers that he did not have his uniform with him. “If you’re all right with one of your pilots looking like this, we’ll go to Alicante,” he stated. According to Potts, the flight would have been canceled if Bradley did not step up. She commented, “Luckily the guy was actually a pilot! Legend.” 


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EasyJet did not “immediately respond” when People asked for the airline’s comment. However, they told The Washington Post they were “grateful” to Bradley, explaining that his action was “fully in line with the regulations.” A spokesperson for EasyJet remarked, “Clearly, this is exceptional, but shows the commitment and dedication of our crew wanting to go the extra mile.”




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