Alien Enthusiasts Gather near Secretive US Base After Online Invitation to 'Storm' Area 51

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Alien Enthusiasts Gather near Secretive US Base After Online Invitation to 'Storm' Area 51


Law enforcement officials tighten security around Area 51, which has been long rumored to hold secrets about aliens, as groups of UFO enthusiasts assembled in Nevada on Thursday as they make their way to the secretive US base.

Visitors went to the small desert town of Rachel, just a few kilometers from the military site, in response to the viral social media invitation to raid Area 51 on Friday. The invitation has raised concerns among local authorities of disruptive crowds overwhelming the community, according to a Reuters report.


Photo Credit: Jim Urquhart (via Reuters)


About 240 km from Las Vegas, the town has only 50 year-round residents but no grocery store nor gasoline station. It does have a motel and restaurant that caters to visitors and tourists that drop by every year.

The alien enthusiasts set up a small camping site outside Rachel's famous alien-themed motel and restaurant Little A’Le’Inn. They slept in their cars, tents, and RVs, with some even hanging inflatable aliens from their campers.

Nicholas Bohen and Cayla McVey, a couple sporting UFO tattoos, made their way to Rachel from Fullerton, a suburb in Los Angeles, bringing with them enough food supply to last them for a week camping in their car.


Photo Credit: Jim Urquhart (via Reuters)


"It’s evolved into a peaceful gathering, a sharing of life stories," McVey told Reuters, estimating the number of people camping. "I think you are going to get a group of people that are prepared, respectful and they know what they are getting themselves into."

Reuters says it's still unknown if the people will be holding a mass trekking to Area 51 on Friday.


Photo Credit: Jim Urquhart (via Reuters)


For decades, the mysterious Nevada site has stoked conspiracy theories. Some say that the site is holding the remnants of a flying saucer and the alien crew from the 1947 crash of an unidentified flying object in Roswell, New Mexico. The US government only confirmed the existence of the base in 2013 when it disclosed CIA archives stating that the site served as a testing location for top-secret spy planes.




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