Gecko Interrupts Philippine President's Speech

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Gecko Interrupts Philippine President's Speech


No one likes to be interrupted while they're delivering a speech, much less if you’re the president of a country addressing your constituents. But a gecko didn't pay such issue any mind when it interfered Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's speech.

Duterte was just starting on one of his rants on human rights groups who were criticizing him for his bloody war on drugs when a gecko sound came out of nowhere Thursday evening at the decommissioning of arms and forces of revolutionary groups in Jamindan, Capiz in Western Philippines.


Photo Credit: Eloisa Lopez (via Reuters)


The president went on with his speech, ignoring the reptile. However, the audience made up of mostly of soldiers was visibly distracted by the gecko's persistent sound, and there was laughter that Duterte stopped mid-sentence.

He turned to his left and paused for a moment to see what was happening, Reuters reported.

"You brought a gecko here?" he asked one of the officials sitting behind him in jest, which drew more laughter from the crowd.


Photo Credit: Dr.Pixel (via Shutterstock)


Reuters added that geckos are common across Southeast Asia and are widely known for their ability to make various loud sounds—from barks to chirps—in communicating with their kind or scaring off predators when threatened.

It wasn't the first time that the Philippine president was interrupted while delivering his speech on national television.


Photo Credit: RTVM (via PCOO) on Rappler


Two months ago, a fly pestered and buzzed around Duterte's face as he was in the middle of one of his tirades against the Catholic Church. He said priests angered by his statements must've sent the bug while trying to swat the fly away, according to local news agency Rappler.

During a speech in Bohol in May, a cockroach crawled up Duterte's arm. Yahoo News reported that a president's aide quickly came to shoo the pesky bug away using a bundled document before the leader himself swatted the roach away.