14-Month-Old Drinks 1.5 Liters of Coffee a Day for the Last 8 Months

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14-Month-Old Drinks 1.5 Liters of Coffee a Day for the Last 8 Months


It is a shared responsibility of parents to provide all the basic needs for their child, especially for babies and toddlers who require more attention and feeding. But sometimes, families are faced with circumstances too dire for them to give what a child needs—just like this family in Indonesia who recently caught many people’s attention because of how the parents planned their 14-month-old daughter’s diet over the last eight months.

The poverty-stricken parents from the Tonro Lima village in the province of West Sulawesi, Indonesia couldn’t afford to buy cow’s milk or even powdered milk for the 14-month-old Hadijah Haura, who has been drinking brewed coffee for the last eight months, and since the child needs to be fed ever so often, she consumes around 1.5 liters of coffee everyday, served in baby bottles. That’s more than the average amount of coffee adults consume per day, which has shocked many people.

As for Hadijah’s health, for someone who’s been drinking large sums of highly caffeinated beverages for half of her life, she doesn’t seem to be showing any indication of any serious ailments, and is growing at a normal rate.




While this kind of treatment for a toddler raises many health concerns, Hadijah’s parents are aware of the entailing dangers of having their daughter drink coffee everyday, but they are left with no choice because if they can’t feed Hadijah something nutritious, they would have nothing else to offer.

“We have no choice,” Hadijah’s mother Anita said. “Our income is not enough to buy milk for her. We’re forced to give her coffee every day and she can’t sleep if she didn’t drink her coffee. She would even throw a tantrum asking for her coffee before bed.”

Due to the coffee’s powerful effect on the consumer’s system, the parents admitted that Hadijah would sometimes stay up late at night and just play by herself. Ever since the news broke out, worried officials from the Polewali Mandar Health Agency have visited Anita’s family and advised her to not give the toddler any more coffee.


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