7 Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Were Written by Charli XCX

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7 Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Were Written by Charli XCX

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Charli XCX’s latest album “Charli” just dropped recently, and it is an enjoyable listen from front to back, with amazing contributions from the likes of Troye Sivan, Christine and the Queens, HAIM, Lizzo, and Clairo among many others.

The positive feedback to the album among fans and critics alike validates what most of us already know, that Charli XCX is a talented singer-songwriter. But unbeknownst to many, the artist born Charlotte Emma Aitchison, has also written several songs for other artists, some of whom also belong in her league, proving just how ambitious of a pop star she is.

The following are some of the great tracks written by the English singer-songwriter for other artists.


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“Señorita” by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

The controversial couple has had their fair share of mixed reception after shocking reveals between the two singers scattered all around the internet, and these were only scratching the surface of what’s making them the center of attention among celebrity pairings. Luckily for them, Charli was there to help them climb their way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with the track “Señorita,” giving viewers a good reason to admire the couple.


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“Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez

At the time of the release of Gomez’s second album, “Revival,” the single “Same Old Love” also garnered a lot of attention among Selenators, and the song reached the Top 5 on the charts. It was basically a song about her relationship with Justin Bieber and her reflection of her own career. Many were touched by the song, but what most fans were not aware of is that Charli wrote it. No wonder the track was so emotionally captivating.


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“Be Right Here” by Kungs and Stargate (feat. Goldn)

Charli certainly flexed her muscle as a more versatile songwriter here. “Be Right Here” sounds a bit left-field compared to the singer-songwriter’s materials up to this point, incorporating elements of house music without having to sacrifice a simple structure in favor of sonic virtuosity. Charli’s lyrics delivered, and the song reached 20 million streams on Spotify, propelling Kungs and Stargate’s fame higher.


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“Jealous” by AlunaGeorge

Three years ago, Charli shared her songwriting capabilities in a collaboration project with the electronic duo AlunaGeorge (comprised of singer-songwriter Aluna Francis and producer George Reid). The result was the track “Jealous,” which landed on the duo’s second studio album “I Remember.” AlunaGeorge capitalized on Charli’s writing strengths by intensifying their performance on the track.


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“OMG” by Camila Cabello (feat. Quavo)

Another material written by Charli and performed by Cabello, “OMG” signaled how the two artists make up a good pair as collaborators, and the connection established between them was again realized upon the release of “Señorita” this year. Although the track didn’t try to become anything else other than a good party song, Charli’s captivating lyricism still shone and made the “OMG” sound like it wasn’t performed by Cabello. No offense to Camila.


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“OctaHate” by Ryn Weaver

This song is about five years old now, and no one would probably notice who wrote this track that was included in Ryn Weaver’s debut album. “OctaHate” is Weaver’s first single, and much like her collaboration with Kungs and Stargate, Charli followed the artistic direction Weaver was going for in her debut album without overwhelming it too much with her own style. Today, “OctaHate” is still Weaver’s only Top 40 hit across her discography.


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“Bang Bang” by DJ Fresh and Diplo

Sometimes, Charli just wants to set aside her edgy side and create a hook for a simple song that will stick inside your head for days, which she did on “Bang Bang.” There’s nothing much to the track other than it is upbeat, and what does a high-energy track needs in order to make people dancing? A good chorus. DJ Fresh and Diplo were fortunate to have Charli on their side for this project.




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