Japanese Coffee House Serves Brewed Coffee For $900 A Cup

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Japanese Coffee House Serves Brewed Coffee For $900 A Cup


We know we sometimes tend to pay more for our coffee fix, but we can all agree that we’re doing it just because we want to look and feel fancy for ourselves every once in a while. But would you go the extra mile just to indulge your bourgeois fantasies and pay $900 for a cup of coffee?

If not, we understand because neither would we. But if you would do so, we honestly don’t know what to tell you other than direct you to The Münch, a coffee house in Osaka, Japan that offers brewed 22-year-old coffee for $914 a cup.


Photo credit: Lukas Gojda via 123rf


It all started decades ago when the owner of The Münch Kanji Tanaka accidentally froze a batch of iced coffee inside the fridge for over six months. Since Tanaka was the only employee of The Münch at the time, he probably was too busy handling the day-to-day tasks as well as managing his business that he forgot about the batch of iced coffee he stored inside the fridge.

Upon realizing that he was storing coffee that he presumed was already spoiled, he thought that he should dispose of them and not serve them to customers. But curiosity got the best of Tanaka; he tried to take a sip from it just to see if it was still okay.

It turns out that it was still good, if not better since the coffee had acquired a flavor after being stored inside the fridge for over half a year. Since then, he has experimented with his new recipe by storing the rest of the batch of coffee inside his fridge inside wooden barrels and letting them sit for a decade.


Photo credit: Kanji Tanaka/Yelp via Oddity Central


10 years later, he noticed that the coffee had acquired an extra sweetness to its flavor, and the rest is history. Tanaka capitalized on his new recipe and has been roasting 20-year-old coffee beans for a living.

Customers who had the money to taste some of Tanaka’s now-famous brewed coffee all agreed that it had a unique taste, fit for a king’s taste buds. Of course, that is not the only thing The Münch offers; there’s a lot to choose from that is more affordable, ranging from $10 to $20 coffee. If you don’t have the money, maybe it’s wiser to stick to your daily dose of cheap coffee. If you want it to be as sweet as Tanaka’s expensive coffees, you can just add a teaspoon of sugar or honey. That’ll probably satisfy your cravings enough.



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