Dog Becomes Vegetarian After Consuming Pieces of BBQ

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Dog Becomes Vegetarian After Consuming Pieces of BBQ


Can dogs become vegetarian? While it may sound preposterous, it’s actually possible. Take, for example, Pluto the golden retriever. Pluto used to love eating meat, but after he accidentally ate the foil from a disposable barbeque, “he turns his nose at it” and has gone vegetarian, writes Laura Abernathy of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper, Metro. 

60-year-old Robin Dixon, Pluto’s owner, saw shards of an aluminum tray in his garden after his dog snuck into the foil. Apparently, Pluto thought that the meat residue stuck to the foil was a delicious treat. The 60-year-old read on the internet about how dangerous foil is to dogs, which may cause blockage or cuts in the intestines. Dixon monitored Pluto but a few days later, the owner rushed his pet to the vet as Pluto had a painful tummy. 


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The vet prescribed medication “to help the jagged metal he had swallowed to pass on.” Unfortunately, it did not work. Two days later, an appointment with another vet showed a blockage in Pluto’s intestine and a cancerous tumor in his testicle. The aforementioned gastrointestinal issues would not have emerged if Pluto had not consumed the barbeque. Days later, Pluto underwent a scrotal ablation to remove his testicles. 

Pluto is doing well five months after the incident, refusing to eat meat following his traumatic experience. Now, he has developed a love for “digging up radishes and carrots from the garden.” Dixon says, “Pluto has become a vegetarian now. He loves hard vegetables and we also give him rice.” Carrots are Pluto’s favorite. In fact, he will follow a person around if they have a carrot. 


Screengrabbed photo of Pluto from PA Real/Life Vets Now via Metro UK


“Before the incident, we always tried to give him a mix of solid biscuits and tinned meat, as well as allowing him treats like sausages,” Dixon recounts. Ever since Pluto shifted to a vegetarian diet, he “has never been healthier” and full of energy. Dixon notes that Pluto is always “positive and wagging his tail” these days.  



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