Millennials Turn to Alcohol to Deal with Having Kids

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Millennials Turn to Alcohol to Deal with Having Kids


Having children is possibly one, if not the most, stressful decisions anyone can make in their lives.

Indeed, nothing comes close to the fulfillment of parenthood, but the frustration and stress that come with it sometimes go beyond imaginable levels that many people feel like 24 hours in a day is not enough.

UNILAD, a British internet media company and website that provides social news and entertainment, says this stress is seen in the unprecedented drinking habits among millennials. Increased alcohol intake in people belonging in this generation has been partially attributed to them having their own kids.


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In 2013, alcohol company Constellation Brands Inc. reported that the average millennial downs about 24 alcoholic beverages a month. That number has significantly increased this year, with the average millennial drinking around 29 bottles of alcoholic beverage every month.

The surprising increase happened despite a noted downward trend in overall public drinking habits, according to UNILAD.

"When you said the millennials are drinking more, I’m like, ‘Because they have kids,'" theorized Barclays analyst Lauren Lieberman while speaking to Constellation Brands CFO David Klein at the Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference in Boston.

Klein agreed with Lieberman's theory that having children is the reason for the spike in alcohol consumption among millennials.


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"And what we don’t know though, is, will we see that same thing with Gen Z as they age, will life get more stressful for them, and they drink a little more? But it’s too early to tell, but we definitely have seen that with millennials," he explained.

It is interesting to note that Gen Z—people aged between 21 and 24 today—are consuming alcohol more slowly but show liking for higher quality brands.

"I think what we have is people saying that they’re drinking less or drinking better," Klein noted.

The figures and observations may be funny for millennial parents who are guilty of drinking more after having children, but they should understand that using regular alcohol consumption as a coping mechanism is not a good idea.




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