Flight Attendant Pacifies Crying Baby

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Flight Attendant Pacifies Crying Baby


Being in a public place with a wailing baby can get awkward really fast, what with all the disapproving and uncomfortable glances thrown in your direction by other people. And when it happens inside an airport, then the desperation in the parents can double as they try to pacify their little kid. Even child psychologists will agree that once a young child starts to throw fits and cry their lungs out, it can be hard to pacify them. Well, only if this flight attendant was not around.

In a series of photos posted on social media that went viral fast, a flight attendant is seen carrying a baby around the plane, seemingly so calm.

According to an article on People.com, a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories, the flight attendant was Joel Paris, who is seen holding 6-month-old Adalynn. The little girl is smiling and calm in the flight attendant’s arms during a Colorado-bound Frontier Airlines flight from Texas.


Photo Credit: Jamie Hunter on Facebook (via People)


Little Adalynn was previously cranky. Cherish Terry, the little girl’s mother, mentioned in an interview with “Good Morning America” that she and her baby had been traveling for several days. Adalynn had been restless throughout the flight and she started to cry toward the end. 

Terry added that she tried rocking her baby and she fell asleep for a little while. However, when the plane started to get louder, she woke up again, and started to cry and seemingly won’t stop. When things became too uncomfortable for everyone, that was when Paris approached and asked to hold the baby and offered to let Adalynn explore the plane. He walked up and down the aisle with the little baby in his hands for about 15 minutes, who calmed down and even looked amused. 


Photo Credit: Jamie Hunter on Facebook (via People)


Jamie Hunter, who was with her own baby and just two rows behind Terry and Adalynn, captured the adorable moment on camera and posted the pictures on Facebook with the caption, “IDK how to make things go viral, but this flight attendant on Frontier Airlines from Tyler to Denver helped a mom calm her screaming baby, and it was PRECIOUS!!” 

Hunter said in an interview that she travels more often and she can relate to what Terry was experiencing at that time. Regarding the flight attendant, she said she could tell that he genuinely loved babies. Her photos of Paris and Adalynn have been shared 1,300 times.




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