A Woman Searches For Her Rescuers Who Found Her In A Dumpster

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A Woman Searches For Her Rescuers Who Found Her In A Dumpster



A 36-year-old woman recently went viral on social media. She called on the public to help her look for the people who rescued her when she was a baby. This was reported by People, a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories.


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According to the article, Amanda Jo Jones was a newborn when her birth parents bundled her up in a blanket and left her near an Atlanta mall. Fortunately, in 1983, she was discovered by unknown people and she was later taken in by a loving couple who helped her survive. 


Photo Credit via People


After 37 years, Jones is now searching for the people who initially discovered her when she was a baby. In order to find these people, she shared a picture of herself while holding up a sign with her request: “Hi! My name is Amanda Jones. I am trying to find the person/people who potentially saved my life.” She also added the address of the mall and the date where she was found. 


Photo Credit via People


She shared some of the newspaper clippings which included details about how and when she was discovered. This clipping also included a baby photo of her in the hopes that her rescuers would remember her. 

Though Jones only had limited information about her biological parents and the reason why they abandoned her, she said that her adoptive parents were always transparent about her life story. Her life story became popular after the local newspaper at that time, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, covered her rescue story in 1983.

“Imagine if you were to walk into a library to get a book that you really wanted to read and the last chapter was missing,” she said in an interview. Jones was immediately placed in foster care where she was temporarily named Crystal Alicia Fairchild, before a Kay and Wayne of Palmetto, Georgia adopted her.



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