Hot Temperature Causes Shoes To Shrink Fast

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Hot Temperature Causes Shoes To Shrink Fast

Recently, a lot of countries experienced very intense heatwave. A lot of people take it to the social media where they shared their experiences as they get through this hot and sweaty season. Mirror UK, a British national daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1903, reported on their website that a tweet from user Autumn_Kamrie showed how hot the heatwave is.


According to the Met Office, the United Kingdom experienced a blazing high temperature which reached 33.2C. For some, this season means that they can hit the beach or visit their favorite frozen yogurt store to ease the hot and uncomfortable feeling due to the heatwave. 


Autumn_Karie shared on her Twitter account that when she came back to her car, he found that her shoes shrink. At first, she freaked out because the Twitter user thought that there are kids who had been inside the car. After several moments, she realized that the sun is really the culprit behind it.


The Twitter user claimed that she left her shoes in the car. Unfortunately, the temperature reached 31C outside in Louisville, Kentucky that day. This means that the temperature inside the car would be a lot hotter. 


In her tweet, she posted a photo of the shrunken shoes that explained the whole situation. Obviously, the shoes became a useless piece of sliders, but this is not an isolated incident after other Twitter users shared their similar experiences. 


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