Human Body Parts that can Be Rebuilt or Replaced

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Human Body Parts that can Be Rebuilt or Replaced

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When a car starts to break down, there are a lot of things that its owner can do in order to fix it and make it good as new. They can also call a mechanic who can perform the right diagnostics, and in no time, the car should be back to normal.
Health- HowStuffWorks, an online portal that provides articles about diseases, wellness, and medical technology, stated that just like cars, the human body can also run down due to different reasons, and there are medical procedures that can be performed in order to repair or replace the parts that are already malfunctioning.


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Toothaches are the worst. If someone is experiencing this painful condition, it will be harder for them to eat or sleep properly. It also affects one’s mood and makes them want to tear the offending tooth out. Damaged or decayed teeth are now possible to be replaced immediately. Dentists will be able to put sparkly and natural-looking implants, aside from the bridges and dentures that are the usual method for keeping a mouthful of teeth.

Dentists can fill up a cavity in a tooth so that it will not experience further decay. They can also insert chemicals into the damaged tooth to help it regenerate. 


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For older people, it’s not uncommon to have bones that become brittle as time goes by, especially the one in their hip area. This is why many are having hip replacement surgeries. This procedure helps in easing the pain due to arthritis. Surgeons will remove the damaged bone and cartilage from the hip, and they will replace it with a prosthetic socket and ball that mimic the natural movement of the hip.

This was not a simple procedure in the early days when surgeons used pig bladders, gold, and glass—materials that were too fragile and incompatible with the human body. The development of modern hip replacement procedures started in the late 1950s and early 1960s.


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Similar to hip replacement, early knee replacements were unsuccessful. The first artificial knees were just hinges. Today, the recipients of knee surgery are now able to choose a model that they prefer. In 2010, researchers announced that they would create a rabbit’s joint using stem cells and attempted to insert scaffolding into a rabbit’s thigh. The procedure was a success and the rabbit gained its ability to move and bear weight on the joint again. The researchers concluded that their study could have a huge impact on the aging human population since joint replacement surgeries are prevalent among the elderly.


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If a person experiences an injury on their face, they can go to a plastic surgeon who can rebuild their face. This procedure is common among individuals who went through domestic violence or abusive situations. Dr. Andrew Jacono, a physician from New York, conducted a reconstructive rhinoplasty on a woman whom he thought had been in a car accident. But after a month, Dr. Jacono learned that her injuries were caused by her husband.


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Ear replacement surgeries are developed in order to help soldiers who have lost their ears in combat. Lab technicians need to create 3D scans of the patient’s head and match the model to the other remaining ear. The prosthetic ears can also be created using the images of the patient’s relative’s ear if they lost both of their ears. A patient at Lackland Air Force Base asked to have a copy of his father’s ears. The prosthetics were successfully created minus the wrinkles on the father’s ears.


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The process of removing one or both breasts is called a mastectomy. This is a common treatment for breast cancer, and patients who underwent the procedure usually worry about their self-image. Fortunately, there are now breast reconstruction procedures that can restore a woman’s breasts and provide psychological benefits because they can give back the woman’s confidence. 

Surgeons will use implants from the patient’s own tissue so that they could rebuild the breasts that have been removed.


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Believe it or now, doctors can grow human bladders in the laboratory. It was first done in the late 90s. Bladder cells were harvested first during an operation to remove bladder damage. The cells were placed on scaffolding that helped shape the growing cells. In seven weeks, the new bladders were ready, and the doctors sewed one onto a damaged bladder. After two years of monitoring the patient, the doctors were able to declare that the operation was a success.




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